1.  Taking pictures for the Ensign of Conference. I’m not sure if I can share any or not. I might later. We’ll see what comes of it! We did enjoy watching it here at home too. (Well not Regan, he was on call!)

2. I could say lots about the school meeting we had in town. But I’ve said enough and been way to involved already. All I’ll add is that my eyes have been opened about a few people and situations. I might not have a masters in education but I do know that treating someone who has less education that you in a belittling and demeaning way is wrong. And rude. And unkind. I don’t need a masters in anything to know that. That and it is interesting how many people can completely misunderstand something that is supposed to be good intentioned.

3. I Thought this was hilarious. Alden was taking a picture and he caught this…. this is VERY real life around here!

4. I love the little moments of laughter of the kids. It’s sweet and heart filling.

5. Loved spending the afternoon with Sus and her kids. We just took the kids out of school and we all went up (It was Reg’s day off too!)

6. I love it when Regan captures great pictures too. This is from his phone. Great hey?!

7. Oliver loves to get his hair wet and then announces “I’m handsome.” It’s ridiculously cute. For some reason he also thinks that the foaming hand soap in the bathrooms is for his hair…. so a few times I have caught him in the bathroom rubbing it into his hair saying the same thing. 
8. Lucy loves it when she gets to gather with girl cousins. They asked for a big girl picture together.

9. Sometimes she seems so big. But most of the time, she just seems so small still. She sure has realized that she loves cookies and such though. 🙂10. Getting to walk outside yesterday was awesome. We went on two walks! I think I’ll hopefully declare I think spring might have ACTUALLY come.