First up, go over to Lolly Jane where I’m a new monthly food contributor. It’s my first recipe I’ve shared there. The perfect soup to make with Easter leftovers.

10 Things to Remember from the past week.

1. Eli was so proud to do his own FHE last week. He chose to show us Mormon Messages and then we talked about the lessons in them.

2. The huge snowflakes coming down in the morning. Oliver was amazed. 

3. We went out to enjoy the snow. Well, at least try to.

4. Perfect light and a perfect little subject. She just sat and smiled at me so sweetly. 

5. Norah makes a HUGE mess every time she eats lately. Oliver has noticed…. he was trying to help out.

6. The chocolate mousse explosion that happened all over the kitchen and living room. Terrible picture of me… but look how much mousse and liquid is all over me! Alden was the smart one who got the camera out and took pictures. 

7. Oliver helping Norah with her soothers. He would pull them out and switch to the next one. Then do it again and again. Norah never got mad at all.

8. This is her one of her new expressions. She is getting really expressive in her face and it is really funny.

9. Oliver wanted to walk with Lucy and I when I took her out to take pictures. He was loving it all.10. Lucy playing “I am a Child of God” in Sacrament Meeting while I played the piano. She was so proud and I was so proud of her. It is really motivating to her to be able to perform.