1. I hate songs that have profanity in them on the radio. I rarely listen to the radio because I don’t want my kids to hear that. And if I forgot my iPod that just means we don’t get to listen to music. It makes me think of this quote by Spencer W. Kimball.

2. Last week we made a fort in the living room and Oliver thought it was AWESOME. (Eli liked it too!

3. The wind around here has seriously been insane! And fires again? Crazy!

4. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I took the opportunity to paint the kids rooms downstairs while they have no carpet (or doors or moulding) in them. Colors?? Mostly grey with some orange ūüôā I’ll show you when they get all put together!!

5. Oliver will be a year this Saturday… that is INSANE.

6. I’ve taken a few family pictures of people lately. And all of them are such cute families! Like this one I love! (The family AND the picture)
The Baldry's

7. I guess it’s been a week of school now hey?? Yep it’s great. The only downside has been for poor Eli. He doesn’t understand why there is no one around to play with. He doesn’t believe me and keeps going to knock on doors and ask for the other kids of the neighborhood. It’s kinda funny and kinda sad. Good thing he starts preschool today!!

8. As soon as the kids are back downstairs I HAVE To make Oliver cry it out at night. I can’t take getting up with more than one kid plus being pregnant.. oh vey!

9. Oliver really really needs to learn to go down stairs! As soon as the basement is done we are going to put some serious stair time in and get this done!

10. I just noticed the date. The 11th. I remember I was going into work at the Lethbridge Herald when the planes hit the towers in New York. It was insane and busy around the paper – even in a small place like Lethbridge. I can’t image what it was like at a big newspaper!