10 on Tuesday

1. I think it is ridiculous when a clothing site (or store) says that size 0-2 is a Medium. What’s a small then? Kids? Sooooooo dumb. Especially when the majority of the people are not 0-2 (just those tiny little lucky ones ;)) I am almost 6 feet tall and I will never be that small – it’s impossible. But still for anyone! It’s just crazy.

2. I am glad it is kind of warmer as of late. Kinda nice. I’ll welcome warmer weather… pretty much any time!

3. Christmas is fast approaching and I am pretty much done my shopping. Close to being done and I love that. It makes it easier to make christmas memories without worrying about getting that done.


4. I dunno what the deal is, but now over on Pinterest I have over 200,000 followers. It kind makes me laugh. I only have 650 people who “like” my blog on Facebook. And about 4500-5000 visits to my blog each month. And 0-2 comments a post. (Yesterday about the games was a BIG commenting post at 4. hahahahaha.) Social media is funny.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.32.16 AM

5. My kids totally got into helping me with the Christmas cards last night. It was great to have their help and it totally made me realize that my kids are getting big enough to do things like that and it actually helps. (well some of them are anyways.)

6. Speaking of Pinterest. Some of my favorite pins of late: This CUTEST Joy from the always fabulous eighteen25 girls.  (totally making it!) Yep, trying these tasty looking treats for an after school snack one day. Another fun christmas activity to try out with the kids. I want a whole bunch of wooden plate chargers. But I want my dad to cut them for me. I don’t want to pay for circles of wood.

7. And on that note, I’d love to plan someones wedding. Seriously. It’d be  soooo fun. If I had a job lately, I think being a party planner/ wedding planner would be AWESOME. Like I’d love it so much. Too bad I don’t really know anyone getting married anymore. Makes it hard to help someone. 🙂

8. I love having bakery boxes around the house. Then when I make treats and want to deliver them (which seems to happen a lot) then I have something that works great. I found a GREAT site that I could buy some on. I had to buy a HUGE case of them but I’m pretty sure I’ll use them eventually. And buying them bulk that way made it so they were like 0.60 a piece. Way better!

9 . I REALLY wanted to go and chop down a Christmas tree. But it didn’t work out. And I’m just trying to get it over it. We live in Canada. Near trees. It should be something that we DO. And what a memory making thing for the kids. And photo opportunity. Really it has the potential to be totally awesome or a complete disaster. 😉

10. I made a whole bunch of empanadas on the weekend. And made way to much filling for them. So now I am making a whole bunch more for my freezer. Yum!


12 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. Okay you guilted me into commenting. I wanted to cut down a Christmas tree too. You totally talked me into it. Then brad crushed our dreams. Next year for sure!

  2. Ok, I’m one of the annoying ones that reads and doesn’t comment:)My brother got married in Lake Louise a couple years ago and had the wood themed decorations for their reception there, so cute. The joy sign is totally cute, if only I was craftier, haha. We cut down our tree as a kids, and it was so fun. I do miss it sometimes. But not always, haha

  3. Where did you get the bakery boxes? Can I buy some off of you? I’ve wanted to order some but it’s so much cheaper in bulk but I don’t need that many! Lol

  4. We cut down a tree a couple years ago. It was fun but also a bit of a disaster. I was almost due with Nellie and our friends Jeep got super stuck in the mud. 2 hours later we chopped down our trees and went home! Fun memories at least!

  5. My daughter is graduating this year so in a few years you can plan her wedding! Love the photos just beautiful

  6. We cut down a tree this year. Fun experience but now I’m stuck with this awful looking thing in my living room. Although I’m sure with your skills you could make it cute. And I want to know the site you order your boxes off too!

  7. I might make it into your Top 5 commenters of all time… me and Christal for sure 🙂
    You seriously have that many followers? WOW – better be being a good example Rhonda! Haha!
    My kids follow me and…yep…that’s pretty much it. You go girl!

  8. Love all the random thoughts. I want that joy sign. I make myself stay off Pinterest because it makes me want everything.

  9. haha well hey, if you’d like to plan a wedding pro bono for practice I just might know of one coming in the near future 🙂

  10. Haha, I am so with you on the clothing size thing…. And pretty much everything else you said. Especially the wedding planner part. My sister in law were lucky enough to get asked to plan and decorate for my husband cousin’s wedding just this last October. It was so much fun to actually do all of the cute things we see on Pinterest. We loved it!! You would be awesome at it. By the way What is the website you found for bakery boxes?

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