10 on Tuesday

1. I think January and February are hard months in Canada. The coldness gets old and the inability to go outside easily. Yes, it is supposed to warm up this week. But this year, I’m feeling a bit done with winter and we still have a few months of it! I’d better do something fun outside to enjoy winter soon!

2. I put two of my kids in learn to skate. We are a non skating family. *GASP* Can I still call myself a Canadian? 😉 Regan actually took skating a lot when he was a kid and is good. Me on the other hand…. not so much. And I just have never bothered to get them in lessons or take them out. Well now, Lucy and Eli are in it . And it’s fine. But Eli lost the helmet. And you have to have it to skate. And we only own two helmets and two pairs of skates. So when they fit you, you can skate. But now he has it and we have one less helmet. Kinda annoying.

3. I kinda hate it when I try and exercise and the whole time Norah is bawling beside the treadmill. Like this mornings. She was trying to climb onto it while it was going so it ended up shortening my run. Some days she is just fine and her and Oliver just play. Today was not that day.

4. We celebrated Ukrainian Christmas last weekend.

RLS_7058RLS_7062 5. Regan decided that since we do this every year. he needs to be more invested in it. So he researched it online and made the cabbage rolls all by himself. I was trying to give him tips and he stopped and said “Rhonda, at the hospital they trust me with a scalpel.” 😉 So I left him alone and he did a great job.


6. I want to plan a big gala. I have no idea what for. But I think it’d be really, really fun. Maybe a fundraiser or a town event or a big church thing. Really I guess I just like planning parties 😉

7. Speaking of parties, Norah turns 2 in just over a week. Which seems CRAZY. My mind is thinking of cute things to do for her family get together.

8. And I think I want to get her a doll. I saw one once that I want to get her. I just have to figure out where to get it from! HA!

9. My husband is a really good dad.


10. Oliver has a really really great smile.


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4 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. I love that feather wreath! And I don’t think I knew your husband was a doctor? And can’t believe your family doesn’t skate! Canadian people! Hello?!?

  2. Love a good old 10 on Tuesday.
    Funny how I’ve been ok with the weather being so cold…I think I’m the only one.
    I’m sure it’s because I’m doing a lot better emotionally this year than I was at the same time last year 🙂
    The pictures of the party made me sad for me but so happy for you! Just beautiful.
    THAT’S CRAZY NORAH IS TURNING 2! I just remember you sitting down by me at the pool telling me you were pregnant and my eyes turning large and wide knowing you would be able to do it, but how hard it would be for the first while. And look – you’ve arrived at her being 2. And her and Oliver are absolute delights. (except when she’s crying for you to get off the treadmill!)
    I should have sent an e-mail!

  3. Love the pictures and your 10 , your kids are so darn cute. The baby thing is hard I have dolls that I thought they would love and hated and was given dolls that I was not a fan of and they love them good luck

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