1. I already shared this lovely post from the well written Ali Edwards on Facebook, but I wanted to share it again. It speaks such a lovely sentiment about trying new things. It’s something that I see the older I get. Somewhere along the way we forget the fun it is to try new things. It’s funny that we push our kids to try new things and meet new people and all that but then we are afraid of that ourselves. There is a lot of joy to be found in discovery. What do YOU want to try that you haven’t ever or return to after years away from it?

2. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am having a little V-Day party for my two littles. It’s something that I used to do with my older kids and then I got too busy stopped doing it. It was kind of a yearly tradition for me. Well this year I’m doing it again. I’m returning to it.

3. My friend Tracy just put up some really cute Project Life printables. Go check them out here.

4. Speaking about Valentine’s Day I’ve got a quite a few pins on my V-Day board!

5. One of the blogs lately that I’m really loving is the Be Crafty blog. Amanda’s blog has really, really cute stuff and inspiring cute things.

6. Another blog that I love a lot (and have for a while) is Dear Lizzy. She shares a super cute mini album today!

7. The current show I’m loving on Netflix is Alphas.  Check it out.

8. I’ve been looking at a lot of planners lately. When I was a kid my mom used a Franklin planner. She used that thing like it was her arm. Or more accurately it was her brain. 😉 I’ve been reading the lovely Christy Tomlinson’s blog for a while and she is a planner lover. She has a cute post today of her February planner pages. Go look! Totally cute!

9. The other day I was thinking about eventful having kids can be. Within like 15 minutes there was puke in the carpet, someone colored on the floor, all the bookcase dumped out and then they were painting each other. Real life.


10. I am TOTALLY feeling a photo slump with my 365 and it’s only February. HA!

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