1. Oh my the weather!!! YIPEE!!!!!! Love it!

Alberta  skies

2. Have I mentioned that I hate potty training? Oliver was doing so good and then he got a stomach bug and wowie we had to go back to diapers. And then he didn’t care to get back to it. I gave up. And then this morning he told me he wanted underwear and has been going all day without any accidents. We’ll see how it all works out.

Potty training
3. I haven’t shot a wedding a a while! And I think it’d be fun to do it again. I just am getting to old! I don’t know anyone getting married anymore! HA!

4. i love the light that comes into my kitchen this time of year! And I love it when my kids will sit in it and let me take their picture!

lovely light

5. My oldest has to get glasses. Eli was trying to trick the eye doctor into giving them to him too. He was just saying random letters and not even trying to read them. And I called him on it. And he said “what? I want glasses.” I told him I knew and that it’d be better if he didn’t have them since he can’t even keep track of his shoes never mind expensive glasses. “You can just replace them when I lose them.” Nice try buddy. And note to self, stop replacing things he loses!

6. I want to plan a big gala party for real. I’m going to take over a ladies breast cancer lunch that was a yearly thing here in Raymond this year. And I am already excited about the whole idea 😉 I’d love to plan a Stake activity! Right now I am working on planning (as in making plans) my family reunion this summer. We are having a Hawaiian Luau with a fire roasted pig, a candy drop from an airplane and survivor family activities. Should be lots of fun!!

7. This picture is soooo real life. Oliver and Eli are wrestling. Lucy is playing with Norah (their current favorite is to do face plants on my bed). Alden is MIA. Us right now.

typical 5 pm at our house

8. I am grateful for the guy I married. We really go together wonderfully and I know that a lot of marriages don’t have it as easy as we do. And I am grateful.

9. My three youngest kids are really into imaginative play and lately someone is ALWAYS Santa. It’s so funny. They are stuck on that idea and come up with different scenarios involving the man in red. Cracks me up.

10. I am in the middle of 3 really great books lately and I want to read them more but I’ve got other stuff on the go too so I’m having to choose between things on how to spend my “fringe hours” and what I can accomplish.

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