1. It’s been a while since I did one of these and I KNOW you’ve all been dying for another one…. hahahaha

2. I lost my wallet yesterday and Im not even that annoyed about the money. They can have the $10 and the $25 American. It’s all the other things that are SO Annoying to replace. Alberta health care cards, my drivers, the air miles card, the fast Gas card, the two gift cards I had,  And a few things I can’t replace….the note that Regan wrote me over a year ago that I kept in there, the copy of an obituary on the 1st year anniversary of Kelly’s death, the photo booth pictures I had of me and a good friend Ros. Those things I’d love back. Boo to that happening!

3. I am going to Martin’s cove this weekend with the youth in our Stake. I get to go and take pictures. I’m running around to get everything together (hence me losing my wallet). I got asked last minute and I am glad it works out with Regan’s schedule and for my in-laws for watching the kids for a morning so I can go. I love to take pictures of things especially events!! Fun!

4. I am coaching Lucy’s softball team this year. And that is fun! It’s crazy with my two littles. But it’s such a short season that we’ll make it work! I haven’t taken one picture there yet, but I will tomorrow!

5. Speaking of pictures, I’ve been a little bit busier with other people’s pictures and that means my own have fallen by the wayside a bit. I did get that personal project I did for mother’s day done. These two are my favorites that I took.

What motherhood looks like | Just Rhonda loss

6. Im itching to go to waterton again. Gotta get out into the mountains!

7. When mother’s day was approaching I noticed that I don’t have a recent picture of me and my mom. I’m going to fix that shortly.

8. I’m having a Project Life get together this week. And if you live close and want to come, let me know and I’d be happy to have you over! I’ll even feed you treats!

9. It seems with 5 kids I get in spurts of taking picture of certain kids more than others. But my youngest are always in them. It’s more the older kids I rotate between. Eli hates having his picture taken and Alden and Lucy are just busy and out of the house more so that leaves the littles. Im going to try and be more conscious of taking more of the older ones too this week.

at the parkeverydaythey call me mom

10. Today I am participating in Ali Edwards’ day in the life. Where you take pictures of your day (kind of like my 15 on the 15th that I do each month.) But I’ll be on the trip this Friday so I wanted to do another day too. Join in!

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