1. I voted last night. I will be glad to not have my whole FB feed filled with political opinions. I am thankful to live in a country where I can vote.
  2. Oliver has been sick for the last two days and he just wants me to sit and hold him. Even all night. And that is adding up to sleepiness for both of us and not a lot of stuff getting done. But it is a really important thing to do. Norah is perhaps watching a lot of netflix while I sit with Oliver. And that is okay too.
  3. Ive been a little slow to fall into my blogging routine since we got home from France. I am trying to feel out how much I want to do – as in how often. I know that blogs are become less read and I get way less actual interaction from readers than I used too. (except my friend Kristin who is the ultimate blog commenter!) But I still have a lot of readers every day. I’m feeling it out and thinking about it all. Seeing how much time I have for it and how much energy I want to allot to it. If you have any opinions I’d love to hear them. Sunset Raymond | Just Rhonda
  4. I am on my last week of my photography class. I have learned a few things about teaching a few weeks of class. I hope the ladies are going to walk away feeling comfortable with shooting in manual and how they can use their camera to take pictures they WANT to take.
  5. I got hired to do some sports photography of the local high school football team of the 7 senior boys that will be graduating this year. And it was totally fun. Not something I have ever done before but it was fun to try it out. And it made me think that it’d be fun to rent a HUGE zoom lens just to see what I could get with it.
  6. I have been listening to a podcast by my friend Brooke and i really really loved the recent one about friendship. It made me think a lot about friendship and how we need to cultivate them. If we are lonely we need to do something about it. Don’t sit at home and wait for someone to call us, call someone else. If there are times when I feel lonely or need others then I will usually plan a party or invite someone over or text a friend or drop off flowers to someone. It means a lot to me that someone would think of me and let me know about it and I assume that it means the same to others. One thing my mom ALWAYS told me as I was growing up was that I can’t change others and that I need to do for others what i wish someone was doing for me.
  7. I am nearing the end of my year being on the Project Life Creative team with Becky and I wish it could keep going. But that’s not how it works. I am grateful that I’ve gotten to do something that I love so much. I want to find something else to participate in but I haven’t found the right fit yet. We’ll see how it all works out.
  8. It was recently Lucy’s 10th birthday and Alden’s 13th birthday. My kids are getting so old! And it’s exciting. I have a  teenager and that is overwhelming and I am facing it with much trepidation.Birthday | Just Rhonda
  9. Im reading the book about being an introvert. Im not really one, but I have some in my family and my SIL suggested for me to read it and I too her advice. It’s really interesting so far and I see how much it describes Alden and Regan. And how much people misunderstand what being an introvert is. It is NOT being shy or quiet. You can be a shy extrovert. I had no idea. It’s been interesting.
  10. Along with feeling out my blogging Im doing the same thing with my Instagram. I have two accounts. One for everyday (justrhondalee) and one for travel and landscapes (justrhondaleetravels). I internally debate constantly about how much and what to share and yada yada. trying to find the right fit again for me. And I think it will be something I will constantly be going over as my life changes and my kids grow.

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