1. I’ve been blogging now for almost 12 years. It’s strange to say its been that long but I started on my other site and then graduated to this one eventually. I have been asked lots of times about blogging, why I do it, how I find the time, etc. It has changed a lot. In the beginning we lived in Nova Scotia and I shared a lot about Alden and scrapbooking. So I guess somethings are the same – still my kids and memory keeping. Comments are WAY less than they used to be but i have more readers than back then (WAY more readers!)  I still feel driven to blog. I like doing it. Some days I don’t have the time lately. My kids are getting older and I am doing other things (like a lot of driving here and there)! I am naturally a creator and sharer and I know I’ll keep doing it. Over January I’ll be thinking about it and how I feel about it and what I want for my blog. Goals for this space and what I want to share. More goodness into the world.

Banff at Sunrise | Just Rhonda

2. Speaking of sharing, I want to share my December Daily album. Hopefully I get it finished next week so I can share it! HA!

December Daily 2015| Just Rhonda

3. I started a 365 this year. As in Im trying to take a picture a day all year. Today i almost missed it but I snuck one in. And I guess technically it’ll be a 366.

4. I hoping we go on more family adventures this year. As always of course we’ll go to Waterton lots! But Alberta is a beautiful place and perhaps we’ll explore more of it and BC. Places we can drive too.

Douglas Fir Banff | Just Rhonda

5. My kids are at an age where you’d think we’d sleep at night. But we don’t someone is always up. Last night it was Norah – for almost 2 hours. And I couldn’t get back to sleep after I finally got her back to bed. I had a hard time accomplishing all I wanted to do today because I was so tired. I really just want them to stay asleep ALL night long.

6. My year long position on the Project Life Creative Team is up and I am so sad it’s done. I LOVED doing it. And I especially loved all the ladies I got to know. I’ll still be doing PL because I love it. 🙂

2015 Project Life Album | Just Rhonda

7. My friend Katey shared this quote the other day on FB and i love love love it. I’ve reread it a couple of times because it really speaks to me:

8. I got to do a commercial shoot a week or so ago. And I LOVED that. It was awesome. And it was in Waterton so that makes it even better!

9. My stomach muscles are so sore and I can’t figure out if its from the yoga I did yesterday or the really bad cough i have. 😉

10. I joined a group on FB called Self Portraits of Motherhood. And I am in for it. I love the group and I am going to be taking more pictures with me in them this year. That is on my list too.