10 on Tuesday (on Thursday)

1. Over on Becky’s blog today are out Feburary Project Life pages. I’ll be back tomorrow with another one.

2. I am working on a big project for this weekend. I’m sure I’ll share some of it next week but it’s keeping me busy this week and it has to be ready by Saturday morning.

3. I’m trying to capture more of what our REAL life looks like. Documenting real stories. Like this, post supper post bedtime, I forgot to get anyone help me clean up the kitchen and its a disaster realness.

2015 Feb 17 | Real Life Messes

4. I wish it really was spring!!!!!!

5. I love seeing when my kids love new books! Norah got one for V-Day and all the kids loved it!

2015 Feb 14

6. We booked tickets to France for September. I’m seriously SO excited. I’ve wanted to go since I was 10. And I can not wait to go. Take pictures. Eat food. Real french bread and pastries. Art. Oh the art that we will see. The architecture. The fashion. All of it. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. I’m thinking about what motherhood looks like and how it looks different for each person. What mothering means.

8. I just read the book Lucy got for Valentine’s Day and it was good. Go read it. Quick easy read.

9. Today I’m going to try another new restaurant in Lethbridge. I LOVE doing that. I’ll let ya know what I think!

10. Is it Spring yet?

the VERY



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