1. I’ve been a block slacker lately. No consistency at all. Annnnnd I’m trying to remind myself that it doesn’t matter. If I want to hang out with my kids instead or go to sleep early that’s fine. 🙂

2. I’ve made a lot of treats lately. And I am totally wanting to make this which I know isn’t healthy at ALL but look at it. mmmmmm.

3. I’m kind of on a reading frenzy lately. When I am tired or not feeling well I laze around and read. It’s better than hanging out on the internet. I can read books in my kids room while they play around me. Or climb on me, depending which kid we are talking about. Currently reading this book.

Next up on my list are The Ladies Auxiliary, the Book Thief and finishing What the Dog saw.

4. Even though I’ve had 3 kids already feeling a baby move inside you is so neat and strange. It makes it all seem so REAL. I am at 19 weeks. That is literally almost half way. Which is totally crazy and awesome. 🙂

5. This morning at 630 am Eli was standing beside our bed. And no one got him out. Heaven help us.

6. Speaking of Eli, I am potty training him. Day 2. And I am actually saying out loud that I am potty training him. But it’s going so much better than it ever has for a child in this Steed family at this age. WAY better. So we are going for it! Imagine I might actually have a few months without a child in diapers. That’d be CRAZY at our house!

7. Every time I am pregnant I think about food a lot. I mean more than I regularly do. I NEED good food. My body craves it. Nothing like ichiban noodles are going to satisfy my appetite. Instead I want things like Chicken tacos, taco dip, guacamole bruschetta, Italian Bread with Gorgonzola, artichoke bread. mmmmmmmmmm Fooooooood 🙂 hahahah It’s good I haven’t even gained that much weight this pregnancy so far 🙂

8. I AM going to get out house on the market in the next two weeks. I AM. I AM. I am.

9. One of the things I am most looking forward to about being done residency and all these years of school (besides not living in debt anymore) is having my husband at home when he’s at home. He is here today but we all need to leave him alone cause he is studying. And he is often studying. But to actually come home and BE here. Wowzers! Sounds awesome! I wonder how I will adjust to having that. He might need a hobby since it might be a hard adjustment for him too!

10. I did a family photo shoot this last week and they were from BC. It always makes me wonder how people hear of me and my photography! Guess I should start asking hey 😉