1. I wanted to post the last two days… but i have two small kids who seem to be preventing that.

2. Ever tried quinoa? Well now I just can’t look at it the same after reading this…. and this. Makes you think!

3. Last Saturday we had 4 generations of women making homemade perogis. Lucy was loving being apart of it. And i got to keep most of them. The total for the day was over 300! YUM!

4. My project life finally made it to Canada but now its sitting at my parents house waiting there. I want to get it but also in reality i know lately i never get any time to myself lately. (See #1.)

5. What a goof this kid can be.


6. And man he has realized things have changed and he’s not really such a fan.

7. I’m going to try and make some of these! They look tasty!!!

8. I am amazed and grateful for all the food people hae brought me. Reg says we’ve been spoiled 🙂

9. I’ve done a picture a day since jan 1st. And i feel proud of myself for keeping it up so far. I’ve been getting everday  moments like this.

10. I’m sleepy.