1. We rented this house which was in Canal Flats, BC. We were looking on the website VRBO for places to stay in BC and a friend was over and she said that we should rent from her friend who had a house there instead. And we did. If you are looking to rent it here is the listing. It was soooo good. Perfect for a family. And nice and quiet and close to lots of things.
Our place for the week
Bedtime stories
Playroom fun

2. My parents came to stay with us for a few nights which was great too. Even one night Regan and I went out for a date night since our wedding anniversary was over the holiday. We went to this restaurant and it was great!

3. We spent a lot of time swimming in one way or another. Even Oliver was into the pool. Although I am SURE it is because it was warm. He hates cold water. So does Eli. And so does my dad. So it was a win win for all of them 🙂 Alden did a lot of this….
Fairmont Hot Springs

4. We had to stop off at the world’s biggest truck of course!
World's Biggest Truck

5. On our last full day we went on a little adventure to find Whiteswan park, or more specifically the Lussier Hot Springs. They are natural hot springs and we thought that would be cool to see. So we google mapped it. And started following the map. It took us through a CRAZY off roading 40 minute drive through logging roads and across a do not enter bridge. Google maps steered us WAY wrong. But we did end up there. And on the way back we used the regular road that everyone else uses 🙂
Our adventure
Natural Hot Springs
His happy face?
Loving the hot springs.
Us relaxing

6. The ridiculous sleeping of Lucy is still going on. It seems funny (well not really funny… but I don’t know what other word to use…) that finally Eli is sleeping relatively normal and now Lucy is the crazy one. One day I am going to sleep again…. right???
Lussier Hot Springs

7. One of the cool things of the house was the main floor bathroom. Eli sure loved it. Because it had an old fashioned tub with one of those shower heads you can hold. He had a lot of baths 🙂
Bathtime Buddies

8. One our first full day there we went to Fort Steele. My kids really loved that! I took so many pictures there that I’ll do a whole post about it tomorrow!
Fort Steele Train Ride
The Whole Family

9. We had lots of hot dog roasts and s’mores.

10. This really was our first “family” vacation. And I think it was a success! A few other random shots that I loved….
Big Horn
Milky Face!
Great views hey?
Checking out the Big horn sheep
Learning to Crochet
Water finds
Beach Day
Outdoor fun
Columbia Lake
Mini Golf