1. We went to Calgary for a baby blessing and our van died. As in we will never drive it again and we had to use a couple people to give us rides home. So a new vehicle is in the works.

2. Some of my class pictures for lately….
DOF - Love Letters
Under exposed

3. So was V-Day hey?! We watched our movie the same as every other year.

4. I am making lots of cookies today for Relief Society.

5. Did I mention my van died….. how ANNOYING!!! Getting someone to pick it up in Calgary, the insurance, my license plate.

6. On the positive note, it’s better it lasted until now when Regan is done school and working!!

7. Have you seen this blog here where you can download photoshop stuff for free?

8. I love that the weather has been so nice lately. A bit of snow the last few days but overall SO nice for February!

9. My friend Jill let me take pictures of her kids for my assignment. How cute are they!
UnderExposed edit

10. I am a wee bit behind on lots of things…. like I shouldn’t be typing this! HA!