1. It’s a week off school and Oliver loves having the big kids home.

2. Finally spring-ish weather. YIPEE!

3. We went swimming with Susie and Ryan and the girls in Taber and it was a little crazy but fun. Crazy to have three kids that can’t swim. (We have to keep tabs on Lucy too)

4. I tried to take a cute Easter picture of all my kids in their cute Easter clothes….. didn’t work out so well as a group. But my girls cooperated. (In fairness so did Alden!)

5. Lucy wants more and more to do things herself in the kitchen. She wanted to bake cookies herself and have me do my own batch beside her. Instead I convinced her to just use the Bosch and do one batch.

6. I put a shoe and sock on over my toe for the first time after my little accident. It felt not bad. So I started a training program.

7. We died eggs with the Bevans and then we rolled them (mostly threw them).

8. Oliver learned what  swing was.

9. I feel like we are some of the odd ones who didn’t go somewhere this week! Seems like a lot of people went on vacation but we are probably going to rent a house in Sandpoint Id in the summer~! I found some great ones!

10. The Easter bunny came. And nothing was brought to Norah (I think she’ll survive) but the other kids were kind of upset she didn’t get anything. I told Lucy she couldn’t eat candy her response “But she can snuggle stuffies!” I think she’ll survive!