10 things I want to remember this week:

1. 5 minutes spent together sitting in the morning light with Norah and her hamming it for the camera while I played peek-a-boo to make her smile.


2. Oliver telling me he was going to “make me lunch” while I sat on the floor downstairs.

3. Loving the free flow of ideas on a variety of topics and writing them down.

4. Listening to Regan sit at the piano and play whatever is in his head.

5. Alden’s pleasure at making some money from his first babysitting job for Derek and Lindsay.

6. Letting the kids eat ice cream when it was past bedtime but doing it anyways just because.

7. Listening to Oliver and Norah playing with each other in the living room. Hearing their giggles and laughter.

8. Eli and Lucy deciding to play together and build lego.

9. Norah and Ollie crawling around together in the basement and Ollie turning around every so often to make sure Norah was following him and saying “come on Orah” (he can’t say Norah yet)10. Sundays right now. This week we only left once. And that is pretty good right now.