My 10 Moments from the past week (Some don’t have pictures and I’m okay with that!)

1. Eli waiting outside for the garbage man to come along and then the garbage man stopping and letting Eli climb in and press the buttons to load the garbage. He was SO excited!! (You know you live in a small town when….) This was him when he got back inside. But it was happening before I knew it and I didn’t have my camera (or even my phone!)

2. Going to the temple with Regan on his day off.

3. How Oliver looooves to call Sage on the phone. Like if he sees a phone he goes crazy for wanting to call her.

4. Lucy asking if she could please do Yoga through the TV.

5. Taking the kids swimming, then stopping to drop Lucy off at a friend’s party and the whole family staying for while, then off to the Library and ending with taking the kids out for dinner.

6. Lucy and Eli playing Mad Scientist with the most recent Kiwi Crate.

7. The kids playing Cards with friends.

8. Movie night with the kids where we watch Despicable Me 2.

9. Playing on the floor in Oliver’s room with him.

10. Family Wii night.

What do you need to write down that happened with your family this week?