10 things to remember from this past two weeks! (Since I missed last week!)


1. 5 Minutes where I made Eli stay at home with just me and play. (He’s like a stray cat most days wandering our street looking for kids to play with (or people to pester;)) I took a whole lot of pictures of him that I’ll share soon.

2. Lucy and Ava trying a cello duet for the first time.

3. A relaxing lunch with my mom at my house. I made a baguette, Tomato Basil Pasta and a Pear and Goat Cheese Salad.

4. I planned a winter olympic games up at the church and invited some other families to join us. The kids ran around and had fun. It was fun and we all needed out of the house so I’d say it was successful. (In case you are wondering, I think the curling worked the best!)

5. Over the past 2 weeks we have had lots of sick kids. One day it was Eli. You can always tell when Eli isn’t feeling well cause he talks a LOT but doesn’t move a lot.

6. Seeing Norah come back to life after she was so sick. So glad she is over the fevers!

7.  Saturday morning smoothies.

8. I love how Alden’s mind works and I love watching when he really gets into something. Even when its a coloring/ sticker book that I bought for one of the other boys and he just ate it up.

9. This boy + that smile + goldfish = cuteness.

10. One day last week these two got into a Pokemon battle that lasted most of the morning. To me that’s what holidays is all about.