The lovely and very funny Kristi listed this tag yesterday. Since I’ve had a long weekend (watching my 6 nieces and nephews (ages 13 to 16 months) plus my own kids (which made it like having 9 kids , two of which were 18 month old twins) without much help from Reg since he was on Call and doing CARMS in interviews in Calgary) I though it’d be GOOD for me to do this post! 🙂

1. Regan makes me very happy. I am so grateful for him. Thankful that he can see what I need and will do things to help me. Our inside jokes, the looks that pass between us when something funny happens or something shocking. He makes my heart sing.

2. My kiddos.
The goofy things they do and say. Seeing them lovingly interact with each other. When they want to snuggle with me and talk with me. Love Love the three of them so much!

3. Oh how i love to take pictures. Photography is such a love of mine! Of my own kids.
Of newborns.
And other newborns.
Of families (I don’t normally shoot big groups as it is HARD! but this one was fun!! In a cool barn!)

4. I love to scrapbook! I think it makes me happier because it gets me to see the lovely things in my life. To think about my blessings and the good things. And it’s just plain old fun to play with paper and glue and scissors and glitter and stamps.

5. oh i love blogs!! So fun to have people come to mine. So fun to connect with others on theirs! Love that you can become a follower and then easily scroll through your list to whatever catches your eye. Love that I’ve gotten a few new followers lately and lots of visits from all over the place! (I got average 125 per day week! crazy eh??)

6. FOOD! I love food! I love cooking it. I love eating it. I love reading about it! I love serving it. Oh how i love to FEED other people!! I got to make a meal for a new mom last week and it was awesome! 🙂
I’m hosting a baby shower this week and I am SO Excited to make all the food for it! I am having a milk and cookies theme. 🙂 I’ll take lots of pictures and let you see!

7. Exercise makes me happy. It really does improve my moods! Since Dec 28th I have worked out every other day at least until this babysitting weekend. But tomorrow I’ll be back on it! I do swimming on Mondays, Yoga on Wednesdays and the treadmill on Fridays and Saturdays. I wanted to LOOK like I’ve been exercising (Reg says I do) but I am feeling better. All the way around. It’s good.

8. ooh i’ve been enjoying the crafts lately too!!! I feel so PLEASED when I do one! I’ll have to show you the new key hanger I made last week (with Jen and her drill’s help!)

9. Good Friends. I have some that I miss a lot. Who I wished lived closer to me. I love that we can email and call and read each others’ blogs. But I am blessed to have met new and refound some great people here in Lethbridge.

10. Books. I love a good book! I just finished two this past weekend. Two completely different styles. One about Batman and Superman meeting each other 🙂 And one a historical fiction from 1895. Both good!