10 things I want to remember from lately.

1. Norah’s excitement when anyone crawls around with her.

2. How Norah smile looks from behind her soother.

3. How her sweet little hand and face look when she first started waving.

4. Snuggling my last little baby in my lap while we read books.

5. That currently the only cereal Lucy really eats is Multi Grain Cheerios. (And that Alden has two bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios every single day. Always. (And I need to get a picture of that.)

6. Eli and Karsen Bevans playing together all the time and Oliver trying to keep up with the “big boys.”

7. That Eli eats croutons as a snack.

8. How excited Lucy is about learning to Knit. How she sticks her tongue out while she does it (just like her Aunt Kelly used to do) and how she keeps asking me why I didn’t learn to knit. “I could teach you, you know mom!”

9. How both Oliver and Eli love to wear sport coats to church. And Eli even likes to wear his to school (over running shirts). And how Lucy’s mothering instincts come out as she helps me with the littles.

10. Eli telling me that his Ice Dragons brought all the ice and made all the roads slippery and made my van slide down the driveway while I was visiting teaching.

10.1. That I take lots of pictures of the littles but I need more pictures of Alden and Lucy right now.

These moments and more from the past week I want to remember. Did you capture your family this week?