I married my best friend.
It’s such a cliche thing to say. But I truly did.
We hung out as friends before either one of us realized that we liked each other.
Our relationship is so strong because of the base of a combination of spiritual relationship and a strong friendship.


I’ve written things about him on here like this and our love story here and our medical school journey. But none of these posts could sum up all of the private moments, the humor and heartache, the first moments of holding a child in our arms, the way the Lord has brought us closer together, the knowing looks to each other, the water fights in the basement apartment, the prayers said together and the the answers to prayers, the callings and service, the date nights at home and out of home, the growth and success of each of us and together. I thought I loved him when we got married. But I love him so much more now. More than I thought I could. And I know that love will continue to grow. As a little girl I always wanted to grow up and be married. To be a mom and be married. I had many thoughts of how it would be. But truly I have it so much better than I had ever thought.

Happy Anniversary Regan.
I love you as much as this room….. ūüėČ