means we needed a trip together. Sans kids. So we went to Whitefish. It was lots of fun. We saw some great views on the way down.
Chief Mountain
I had my foot in a cast (chipped my ankle on my left foot after tripping over Lucy when I was holding Eli) and just had it off this day… so I wasn’t much fun for hiking or walking anywhere very far…. which we had planned on doing while down there. But we still had lots of fun and saw lots of beautiful things.
Flower collage
Went to the “Bearz” in the middle of nowhere close to Whitefish and saw them up close and personal from inside our car.
The Bear
We went to the beach at night and I took some pictures and Reg took some.
Sunset and ME
The two of us
At the Beach
Every day we drove past this and I LOVED this and wanted to take a picture. Finally last day we stopped and I did. Such lush trees!
The River
We rode the chair lift up to the top of the mountain in Whitefish. It was totally fun. And we saw lots of pretty sights up there too.
the Pond
Me and RegWhite flowers
The Rockies view from Whitefish
And while we were down there we noticed the sign for a race… so Reg decided to run it 🙂
The chip
The Start
Prairie fields and looming skies. While driving home it was just so stinking pretty.
Prairie Fields
It was just so fun to get away. I wish I wasn’t a gimp, but it was still fun and Reg was very patient walking me around everywhere 🙂 And he let me go shopping for the kids clothes and school supplies which is a huge present from him in itself. (He HATES shopping!!) It was so much fun and I am so glad we went!

Can’t believe school is starting today. Two kids in school for me. CRAZY!!!