Today we have been married 13 years.

13 things I think about marriage :

1. We got married in the temple. But we go home to make the marriage. A wedding is just a gateway to marriage. You have to live your covenants and love each other daily.

2. When your spouse does something that annoys/ troubles/ frustrates/ etc  you (you will both do it to each other) stop and think “Is this more important than my marriage?” If it isn’t, then shut up. If it is, then make a deal about it.

3. Learn how to disagree in a kind way. There are going to be things you don’t see eye to eye on. That is okay. (some people say learn how to fight… but we don’t really fight… we disagree sometimes.) Both of you should be able to say “I think this way” and it is okay if they are different.

4. Don’t complain about your spouse to others. You love them way more than anyone else. And if you go around making unkind comments to others about your spouse it not only gives unkind feelings in your heart, but in others too. Nothing good comes of doing it. Just don’t do it.

5. Pray together daily. It keeps you close and keeps God in your marriage. Nothing can help it be stronger. Marriage really should be a three way partnership. Between husband, wife and God.

6. You can not make your spouse do anything. You only have control over yourself. So do what you need to do and be the spouse YOU want to be.

7. You chose each other. Stick to your decision. And fight FOR each other, not WITH each other.

8. Forgiveness is one of the best things every marriage needs. We all make mistakes. Forgive and let it go.

9. There is no point in keeping score. About anything. Ever.

10. Honesty & Humility are of the upmost importance.

11. Say what you mean and what you need.

12. Take time for each other. Not to talk about the kids but about each other. To REALLY talk to each other with no other distractions.

13. Love grows throughout your life as you go through experiences together.


I love being married to Regan. He is my best friend. I don’t think I can adequately say how much he means to me. I look at that picture of us 13 years ago and how young we were and how we knew a little bit about each other but there was so much we discovered about each other over the years. 9 years of school, 6 moves, 3 homes, 5 kids. What a wonderful thing it is to love and be loved. How blessed are we.