This month I seriously spaced and forgot until noon…. and then I was a picture taking fool! ūüôā So all these pictures are between noon and 830. Funny thing is, I ended up with 110 pictures. Some were not keepers (obviously) but I got more than my 15 of pictures that I love. And ones that capture our day. Each month I do this I think more and more that I am so glad I am capturing snippets of our life. Things that my kids will be able to look back on and hopefully give a glimpse to them (and anyone else) of how our life was when the kids were this age. I have found it much more difficult to pull out my big camera every day all the time like I was before Norah joined our family. Just for the sheer fact that I am often carrying someone around (between her and Oliver). But each month on the 15th I make it a priority and every single time I download the pictures I am so happy I did it. If you have never tried this, you should. My friend Tracy that does this along with me is starting up a monthly link. I urge you to try it, just one month and see if your results don’t make you happy that you captured your family. Over the almost 2 years I’ve done this, I’ve realized that I want to capture all of it, the messy rooms, the crying kids, the light in my kids hair, jumping on the tramp, quiet moments the kids have together, Regan falling sleep on the couch. Perhaps when the littles are a little less little, I will be able to capture everyday more often, but for now I am pleased as punch that I am capturing one day a month. I urge you to just give it a try and tell me what you think. Go check out Tracy’s pictures and if you took some, link up! And commit to do it next month. Write it down, put a reminder on your iphone, whatever.