As I was going through my photos for this month I was looking back at the other ones Ive taken in this series. This is the end of my third year doing this. In some ways I want to try something else as a family project but then in the same breath, I can do this. It works for our family and for me. I get it done. And I get some images that really tell the story of our everyday family life. That’s what I want. Most of my other ideas for capturing our family are a lot more involved and I might not stick to them purely because of time commitment of them. So at this point I’m still a bit torn. I have a few weeks to figure it out. For now, here is a Monday at our house. And I added in a few more than 15 this month.


We started out at 5 am this morning. Ugg, too early!!RLS_5371RLS_5375


Lucy teaching Eli to read. “Eli you know when you pour out yogurt, it comes out smooth? And if you poured out cottage cheese it’s all lumpy? Well your reading should be like yogurt NOT cottage cheese.”

He was hiding because he was mad. And me taking a picture of him being mad made him more mad.


For FHE they put on a Christmas puppet show with puppets they made on Sunday afternoon.RLS_5442

And Alden recording it.RLS_5448

Dance party before bed.RLS_5505

One of our annual traditions is paper snowflakes. (And one of Regan’s favorites)RLS_5506

We always hang them up on our windows.RLS_5509

When we went to go to bed at 1015 or so (since we’d been up since 5) we found Eli passed out on our bed. And when we tried to move him he was so confused as to where he was and what was going on. He wandered into the bathroom and sat down and was throughly confused. RLS_5510

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