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I wasn’t sure at the end of last year if I was going to do this again, and then the 15th came and it just didn’t feel right to NOT do it. So I’m on again! Here is our day on the 15th. Sometimes I feel like I should add some commentary, we’ll see if I do it every month.


Regan playing “hurry to the bus” on his Ukulele while trying to encourage the kids to hurry up and out the door…. (it’s something he was just making up at the moment…)15onth15thJan-7186

Fabulous sunrise that morning!!!


Norah hasn’t been a fan of anything in her hair until recently. She even was in for a headband and she was enjoying seeing herself.15onth15thJan-7215

After I use the treadmill Oliver will often ask to use it too. Then Norah might want to try too.


I stopped by the school and surprised Lucy for a little lunch date. She picked Burger Baron (not a lot of choices in town) and we just ate and chatted.


A little watercolor time in the afternoon with Oliver and me. He had a lot of questions about what I was painting and why I was choosing those colors.


Oliver and Norah play this game of peek a boo in the pantry constantly. Sometimes Oliver closes the door and leaves her there in the dark and she just waits most of the time. Sometimes she will cry.


Lucy is always giving the two littles shoulder rides lately. SUCH A little momma.


Peek a boo in the kitchen.


Alden loves this circuit kit that he got for Christmas. This time he had made a piano and was playing me a song on it.


If you didn’t know, I can be really funny…. well according to this sweetheart anyways.


Mini Momma Lucy was keeping these two happy so I could making supper.


Bath time with these two. They love it together, although Norah doesn’t last long and Oliver will stay in for quite a while.


These three cleaning up after supper. Or more correctly SUPPOSED to be cleaning up. There was a LOT of fighting and messing around. It took them over 30 minutes.


Lucy working on her pillow on her new sewing machine before bed.

And that was our day. If you want to see a friend who is doing this too…. go see Michelle.

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