Well it was the 15th yesterday and that means 15 pictures around my house. I was thinking about how I’ve been doing this for 3 years almost. And I love a lot of the images I have collected over those 3 years. They tell the story of our lives. Our everyday ordinary lives that are extraordinary stories because they are ours. I’ve said it again and again. I am passionate about capturing images of my kids. And I think more people should do it too. It’s so EASY now. Use your phone! Use whatever camera you have. And just capture your every day life. Kids or no kids. Doesn’t matter.

This day was different for us. Our flooring is getting replaced and so we have to spend the day not at home, all my kids slept until 7 am (which is completely unheard of at our house), we missed the bus, Alden turned 12, we spent lots of time at grandma & grandpa’s house, we tried out a new food truck in Lethbridge, went grocery shopping. All in all it was a day filled with adventure and experiences. (Now if they would just finish our floor already so we can have some more normal days! ;))



And if you participate, let me know so that I can come and see!

Just Rhonda

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