At 18 months Eli…..
* is now attending nursery! (YIPPEE!!!!) Although he may have cried most of his first week as we excepted!
* is still not a consistent sleeper. Sometime he sleeps through the night and then we’ll go a week without it. This morning he was up at 6am for the day.
* has a nap each day. Also not really consistent. Most days he goes down around 1230-1 and sleeps til I wake him to go get kids
* loves his mom. He only wants me to put him to bed. He only wants me to hold him. He only wants me to sit in the bathroom while he has a bath.
* is a little daredevil. Stands on chairs and rocks them back and forth til they almost fall over. Loves to climb on top of anything possible – the stove, the piano, the back of chairs and couches, the table, etc
* FINALLY has a few toys he will play with. Hallelujah!!!
* Boxes to make towers, an insanely noisy popping mower and a few cars
* loves to be outside. If you can’t get him to be happy – take him outside!
* LOVES all electronic things. Phones, cell phones, computers, iPods, etc
* knows how to scroll with his finger on dad’s iPhone
* favorite foods: black olives, granola bars, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti
* drinks a LOT of milk!!
* only has 2 words. Mom and dada. (he has said “nana” and knock knock but only a few times.)
* uses some sign language. For milk, all done, please, thank you, down, more
* loves to have his picture taken and then see it on the camera
* LOVES to gibber gabber on the phone. a LOT.
* likes reading books – but only certain ones.
* loves to follow the older two around and play where they are
* has a bit of a hard time being reverent in church. (hates being trapped in the bench)
* waves with both hands going opposite directions for bye
* loves to dog pile anyone who lays on the floor – especially Alden and mom
* will climb onto the table and dump out anything left there (good motivation to clean up the table after dinner
* loves to help unload the dishwasher!
* doesn’t really like other people besides mom and dad. Does okay with grandma’s if we aren’t around.
* goes to play every Wednesday morning at the Wilde’s house with Lucy and now gets excited to do it (although it took a few months to get used to it)
* likes to draw on anything if he has a pen…. the wall, library books, dressers, etc
* has the sweetest little belly laugh
* points to everything. It’s a quick point and pull back to show directions, noises he hears, food he wants, etc
* is very aware of crying. Often watching the person crying very closely
* gives hugs (to crying kids) by leaning in with just his head
* if you stop him from doing something or take something away he shouldn’t have then he will lay on the floor and hit his head on the floor just hard enough to make a loud sound and then start crying. Sometimes then he’ll run to his room or he’ll come running for a hug from momma
* thinks peek-a-boo is the funniest thing ever
* is not a good long distance traveler but loves to drive around in the car (as long as we are going somewhere fun)
* is a fun little energetic boy who keeps us on our toes