1st of July Waterton Gift Pack Giveaway

Today is Canada Day and to celebrate this lovely day I am doing a giveaway of this bag and all its contents.

Waterton Fun Giveaway | Just Rhonda

It’s a Waterton Fun Bag really. Full of fun things to take Waterton. First up the tote is made by the very talented Timber and Hide. Brandon makes awesome handmade leather goods. Really if you like his page on Facebook you’ll see a whole bunch of things you’ll want to buy!

Waterton Fun Giveaway | Just Rhonda

Inside the tote are a whole bunch of fun things to bring or do in Waterton.

  • A Canadian Picnic Blanket from Superstore
  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • A bag of Nibs Licorice (perfect for bribing kids to keep hiking)
  • Sandbox &  shovel (that’s what my kids love to do at the lakes or the rivers)
  • $25 Visa Gift Card which you can use to get into the Park (and you’ll have some extra to go get a treat or a hot dog from Wieners of Waterton)
  • A Gift Certificate for an hour boat rental at Cameron Lake
  • A Gift Certificate for an hour long Bicycle Car Rental
  • I added in a foam core print of my nation anthem print (you can download it here too).

Waterton Fun Giveaway | Just Rhonda

Tons of fun for Waterton in an awesome bag.

Waterton Fun Giveaway | Just Rhonda Now to enter…..
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And lots of thanks to Timber and Hide, Camera Lakes Boat Rentals and Raymond Pharmasave for the donations for the prize!

And since it is Waterton, here is a shot from last night! Now happy Canada Day!!!!

Waterton | Just Rhonda

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69 thoughts on “1st of July Waterton Gift Pack Giveaway

  1. I love everything about waterton. Hiking, icecream, watching the kids jump in the freezing cold lake, throwing rocks, picnics, red rock, the falls, the list goes on:)

  2. We have a special place in our hearts for biking Wall Lake… but on a beautiful day… nothing beats anything you do in Waterton.

  3. We have a cabin there, it would be a perfect little gift for our cousin who just came home from his mission. He’s been waiting to get into Waterton for 2 years!

  4. I love to go to Waterton with my Uncle Jason. We go camping and eat Wieners!

  5. I just want to bask in the incredible views and spend time where there is water! So much beauty that never gets old!

  6. We love going up to red rock, especially the “roller coaster” hill on the way there!

  7. I’d take my wife boating on Cameron. It is our anniversary this weekend … so please hook us up 😉

  8. Love Red Rock Canyon!! So beautiful!! We also found a beautiful swimming hole with our YW camp a couple years ago near the entrance to the park and had so much fun on the rocks that had formed into slides

  9. I would love to go to Waterton! I didn’t grow up here & since we have lived here we haven’t been. So a bag with tips & fun Waterton things would be so awesome! Thanks!

  10. I love the beauty of Waterton. We love Red Rock Canyon! I love all the pictures you take so we can enjoy it all the time. Just love the park!

  11. We hide coins on the top of bears hump as a family tradition. Hiking,waterskiing,playground,spray park, and camping are things we enjoy. One of my favourite places.

  12. What don’t I love to do in Waterton?! Hiking, riding bikes, Red Rock, canoeing, relaxing by the lake, campouts at Boundary Bay, Bears Hump at midnight, Big Scoop, campfires at Pass Creek…the possibilities are endless! But mostly I love spending time with the people I love there.

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