2 Years Old (Oliver)

Dear Oliver,

It’s hard to imagine you are two. Seems like just yesterday we were the baby we were bringing home. Now you are a goofy, emotional, cuddly toddler. You drink way to many bottles. Really it’s kind of a problem. One I just haven’t gotten myself ready to deal with. You love milk and ask for bottles. And throw a mean fit lately if you don’t get one in the bottles you like. Not those little ones. The big ones.

Every night, it seems, when most kids are getting grumpy cause they are ready for bed, you start turning on the charm. You are often your happiest in the evening before bed. Right after supper (which you barely eat) you start to perform. Dance (which you LOVE to do to anything closely resembling music), scream (happily), yell loud thing (some of which we can understand), chase/run around after/with Eli. All of the other kids LOVE it! The get dinner and a show 🙂

You seem to go through these spurts where you only want mom or only dad. And sometimes that just doesn’t work out around here. The past week its been a strong mom want. Even to the extent that you wont let Dad (or anyone else) get you out of the crib. Or down from the stool. And you want to eat breakfast on my lap. It’s….. tricky sometimes.

You often were two different shoes. Today when we left the house? Two different shoes. You pick out the shoes and you get mad when we try and get pairs, and really does it matter? Not at all. I really don’t care. (unless it’s church, I fight that battle on Sundays) But every other day of the week? Power to ya.

I love that smile of yours. Seriously it can light up a room. I can’t help but smile when I see it. And I’m not the only one. You affect others that way. It’ll be interesting as you grow to see if you continue to have that affect. I think you will.

You love eating about 5 things lately. Meat (really that means salami), apples, plain bread, sometimes cheese and every now and then you love a bowl of either raisin bran or mini wheats. Yeah, that is a sad pathetic diet. Every so often you surprise us and try something else. But mostly, that’s what you eat. Really it’s that whole milk thing again!

You love to hold my hand when you walk and I think that is soooo sweet. I hope you keep doing that. For a while. I love to feel your little hand in mine.

You love to read books. And you never want to stop when it’s nap time or bedtime. And you cry every single time we put you to bed. Never fail. You always take a bit of time to wake up too. You just want to sit on my lap and snuggle while you drink a bottle.

You used to say “I do” all the time and I am sad that you stopped. But you traded that in for more words. You still have a lot of things we can’t understand though. Like a real lot. It’s this jumble of sounds and then a word. It’s very cute. And funny. And you find it frustrating some days. I can understand. I hate not being heard too!

You like nursery now and man am I glad about that! You HATED it at first but now you are happy to go every week. I am thankful every single week that you like it now!

You love horses. And dogs. A lot. And you have no fear of them. Which is scary for me. One time at Grandma and Grandpa Davis’s house we were out in the yard and you had climbed under the fence and were in the horse field walking toward the horses so you could pet them.

Your favorite person out of our family is DEFINITELY Sage. She is like a magic button for your bad moods. You two loooove each other. You instantly light up when I even say her name. You two play together so good and it is so cute.

The mornings now that the kids are in school are all about me and you time. Norah usually is napping. You follow me around as I do housework or anything else. You ask for train tracks (you call them choo choo’s) or the little people (more of a pointing until I figure out that’s what you want.) If I am working in the kitchen I will sit you up on the stools and you’ll color (you say that word pretty cute!) or play with play dough. As you play you jabber along in your little Oliver language with a few real words here and there. It’s pretty stinking cute.

You love to snuggle but only on your own terms. When one of the bigger kids tries to hold you, you freak out. Unless you thought of it. Then you loooove to snuggle. You also love to wrestle with Eli. Really I am glad or else where would be a lot of crying because he is CONSTANTLY tackling you. You’ve put up with it for really your whole life so I’m glad you find fun in it! You think Alden is so cool and look up to him. You love to go on the trampoline with him. Lucy often sits down and reads you stories or plays toys with you.

Love you so much Oliver. You are in such a delightful (and sometimes challenging) stage of 2. We love having you a part of our family.

Love Mom

  • September 24, 2013 - 5:44 pm

    Jean - Love that, how he wears two different shoes. I think I would be that mom that allows my child to wear whatever, I mean, of course, most of the days! 😉 And whole milk, I drank whole milk until I was 18! :/ But not in a bottle…. but that’s okay. You still have time, Oliver! 😉

  • September 24, 2013 - 8:55 pm

    The Raymond Kristin - I loved reading this…so personal and sweet.
    he’ll love it when he’s older!

  • September 27, 2013 - 8:51 pm

    Carmen - Love how you write it in 1st person (is that correct?) Gives it so much more ‘depth’ and personal. Keepsake.