Since today is Regan’s Birthday I thought I’d do a list of 34 things I love about him. (that’s how old he turned today!)

1. His kindness.
2. The relationship he has with Lucy. You know how they say that a daughter marries someone like her father…. Her future husband will have a lot to live up in regards to that relationship.
3. His appetite. I love that he enjoys food as much as I love to cook it.
4. His commitment to healthy living through exercise, etc.
5. His unfailing support in me.
6. How capable he thinks I am. When I was kid I always thought I wanted a husband that “took care” of me. But Regan encourages me to do all that I can on my own and to try everything. And is there supporting me.
7. He is so smart. So very very smart.
8. His humility. One of his best qualities.
9. His absolute devotion to Heavenly Father. He wants to do what is right and is always trying to improve.
Big Smiles
10. He is very generous and willing to share what he has.
11. His lack of worldliness. He could care less about anything that comes from a store.
26 February 2012
12. He is so handsome.
Regan and Me
13. His random dancing.
Apr 13 - Dad's home
14. His easy going nature. One of the very first things I feel in love with about him. After we were married I had done some small annoying thing I thought he’d get upset about and he hadn’t even noticed. 🙂
15. His consistency.
16. He is SUCH A good dad.
17. His make up stories for the kids. Oh my you should hear the tales he tells to these lucky kids. He can make up a 10 minute make up story and they are hanging on his every word. He really should write kids books.
18. His honesty. Also one of his best qualities.
19. His willingness to do things that will make me happy. (Like sitting still for random pictures even though he hates having his picture taken)
20. His musical abilities.
4 March 2012
21. His support of my hobbies.
22. He is very funny.
june19: father's day 2011
23. His iPhone picture taking skills. Seriously he’s good at it 🙂
24. The little jokes we share between the two of us.
25. All his hard work over the years in school and all the work it took. So proud of him.
26. How he provides for our family.
27. That he’ll play games with me.
Camera man
28. The way he says “huh” to himself while he reads when he finds something interesting.
29. How FUN he is with the kids.
30. His gospel knowledge. It’s amazing. When I read a random scripture to me he can tell me where it is and often even what side of the page it is on.
31. His willingness to serve wherever he is called. Right now he is the primary pianist. And he loves it.
32. How he pays attention to the things I tell him about things he really doesn’t care about. Like reading something interesting I learned about food or art or photography stuff.
33. His ability to fall asleep in 3 seconds. Seriously it’s amazing and I am sooo jealous of it every night.
34. How much he loves me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Regan!!! I love you so much!