A month or so ago I was asked to teach a group of girls a cooking skill they could use when they moved away from home. I decided that I would teach them dinner ideas. I first thought of what you could do with a rotisserie chicken. It’s the perfect thing for a young woman to pick up at the store and then bring it home to make a meal. Sometimes I get excited about something and then I get a little overboard on it and this was the case. I collected a bunch of recipes from the internet and also some from my own cookbooks and files. First step for all of these is to get a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store (You can roast your own chicken if you have one in your freezer too!) and then just pull all the meat off it.

There are lots and lots of recipes that you can easily just adjust to make meals work with the already cooked chicken. Some of these call for chicken breast that you cut up – but just substitute the shredded cooked chicken and keep on with the recipe. Easy peasy!

Some of the recipes included are…..

The online recipes from these great sites:

I think sometimes dinner can be so overwhelming sometimes, but all these recipes make it easy!

To download the printable recipe book click on the image or You can go here to download it.