We just got back from a ten day trip to Utah. It was lots of fun and lots of work! We’ve never taken our kids on that far of a car trip. But it worked out. Mostly because we let them watch movies the whole way ūüėČ Well everyone but Norah who wouldn’t really watch movies anyways! I thought I just give an overview of my kids favorite¬†things. Our kids are 11,8,6,2,18 months. That’s a wide range of ages and it makes it a bit tricky to keep everyone happy at the same thing! ¬†Here we are all at the Conference Center. (I wish Norah was in focus too…)


While in SLC we stayed at a hotel with two rooms beside each other. That was … okay. In St. George we stayed at a great condo where the kids really enjoyed the pool! v


These are the 5 favorite things of our kids.

1. Thanksgiving Point:¬†We did two different things in Thanksgiving Point. And the kids loved both of them! We didn’t know for sure how busy it would be because it ended up being Pioneer Day¬†. But it worked out just fine. There were a TON of people at the museum and not that many at farm country.

  • Museum of Curiosity: This was probably all of our kids very favorite thing we did in Utah. They loved it! There were so very many neat exhibits and I think the kids could have played there all day. Norah got really tired and finally fell asleep in the stroller (which made me happy). The whole¬†museum is filled with fun interactive displays that teach. Really really awesome!


  • Farm Country:¬†¬†Our kids also loved this. Alden wasn’t as into it as the rest of them. He seemed almost a little old for it. Norah and Oliver LOVED the animals especially. And all the kids loved riding the ponies!



2. The Living Planet Aquarium : My kids loved this too. We actually ended up doing this whole place in one and a half hours. Mostly because Eli. He was all over the place. But they all had fun!








3. Jump on It: Basically a big place filled with trampolines! The kids loved it! Especially the older ones.


4. The Little Mermaid Play  I took the older two kids to this. It started later in the evening and no kids under 3 are even allowed in the place. It was an outdoor theater. It was so so so good. The acting, singing, the effects, the fireworks. All of it. Amazing.


5. Zion’s National Park:¬†¬†We love¬†to explore nature as a family!!! This whole place was amazing and so different from anything in Alberta. We loved it! So many beautiful things to see!




It was a lot of driving but such a fun place to go. We also stopped at a lot of temples and took a lot of pictures. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of our trip sometime in the future. But for now these are the 5 things our kids loved the most!


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