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It’s getting close to valentine’s day this week. Some people love the day and some hate it. I think it’s always a good idea to tell those around us we love them and to talk about love with our kids. I’ve heard teenagers using the word love quite freely about each other. And often it is mistaken for liking someone. Either way it is a good thing to talk to our kids about. What love really is and how we show people that we love them and that there are different kinds of love. Here are a few kids books that we are fans of that talk about love and loving those around us.


  1. Love you Forever by Robert Munsch. This is a classic kids book. Totally one that made me bawl whenever I would read it pregnant. It’s such a wonderful example of how much parents love their kids and especially a mothers love. I think it’s a great book for beginning a conversation with our kids about how they will always be our babies no matter how big they get.
  2. Wherever you are, my love will find you by  Nancy Tillman. A sweet loving story about a parent’s love for a child. A beautiful poetic book with sweet simple illustrations.
  3. Love you when by Linda Kranz. A simple and cute book about how something we see in our daily travels will spark our minds to think of those we love.
  4. The Kissing Hand by  Audrey Penn. We were first given this book when Alden went to school for the first time and we have loved it ever since. It is such a great book talking about how love can go with someone even if we are separated from each other. It’s a great book for the beginning of school.
  5. How full is your bucket?  by Tom Rath. A great book that teaches kids HOW to show people you love them. Using the bucket metaphor to teach kids that it’s how we act that shows love.

All of these books are really good for opening conversation about your own love with your child. Do any titles come to mind for you that you love to read about love? 🙂

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