I love board games and my kids love board games too. (Regan could take them or leave them.) We’ve collected a healthy collection of games for kids and adults. We have some friends that every time we go over they introduce us to a new fabulous game too. Here are 5 games our family really enjoys. And since it’s almost Christmas, I thought if you are looking for a fun game to buy your family or give as a gift here are some!

5 fun family games

1. Escape. My kids go batty for this game. We found this one at a family reunion and someone was playing this (thanks Clint!) and Alden played it too. Loves it!!

2. Tenzi. Techincally this isn’t a board game… it’s dice. But it’s simple and easy and fun. My lovely friend Kristin just gave this to me for my birthday and my kids were like Yes! We LOVE Tenzi.

3. Apples to Apples Junior.  My kids love to play the grown up version but they don’t understand half the cards. We got them this junior version for Christmas and I am pretty excited to give it to them!

4. Ingenious. This game is actually one of my favorites too. I love it. And it’s something that my oldest two love to play too. In fact ours has been so used we need to get a new one. Neighborhood kids would come over and play this with my kids. Even Eli (6) can play it.

5. Blockus. Another one that has been well used at our house. We’ve had this one for a couple of years and it’s pretty much trashed….. its been played soooooooo many times. I’m sure some time in the future we’ll be getting another one to replace it since it’s so loved at our house.

How about you? Do you have any board games you love to play??

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