Sometimes Oliver has a hard time playing alone. In the afternoons sometimes I have trouble  keeping Oliver busy. He wants to just play screens. I am often torn since the afternoons that I get done during the day I can only do during those times. But that means that too often Oliver plays the iPad too much. Some days I do better and get him doing things like this: coloring. He was totally into it this day. And as he colored I cleaned up the kitchen around him. He was happy and he was busy and I enjoyed watching him.

RLS_4849RLS_4851RLS_4856RLS_4860RLS_4864RLS_4869RLS_4873RLS_4881RLS_4883RLS_4890RLS_4893RLS_4896RLS_4899RLS_4900This series is inspired by the fabulous website The 5 Minute project.

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