You know I love the 5 Minute project. Every time I go check out that blog I am re inspired to take pictures of my kids. Three things I try to keep in mind while I am capturing my 5 minutes.

  1. I first check out where the light is. If I need them to be a little bit closer to a light source I can usually move them to start their “activity” so they are closer. Or I’ll just move or adjust my camera settings.
  2. I want them to interact naturally or do whatever they are doing naturally. Yes I talk to them a little bit, but lots of times I just sit and watch them and let them be cute with whatever it is they are doing.
  3. I try and just enjoy them  and watch their personalities emerge. That’s what I want to capture. A brief  5 minute moment of what they are doing right now, today.

This is Oliver and Norah at lunch together.

5-Minutes-N&O-15-Minutes-N&O-25-Minutes-N&O-35-Minutes-N&O-45-Minutes-N&O-55-Minutes-N&O-65-Minutes-N&O-75-Minutes-N&O-85-Minutes-N&O-105-Minutes-N&O-115-Minutes-N&O-125-Minutes-N&O-135-Minutes-N&O-145-Minutes-N&O-175-Minutes-N&O-185-Minutes-N&O-195-Minutes-N&O-20 Aren’t they just the sweetest 😉

Just Rhonda

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