My littlest Norah is an early riser. She’s been worse (as in 5-530 am). Lately it’s 6-630. And after late nights with all the Christmas festivities that makes early mornings and sometimes a cranky toddler. This morning she wanted pancakes to eat. And so I took her to the freezer to find a bag of ones I had frozen. When I first opened the door the first thing she saw was ice cream. And this girl LOVES ice cream. She started shouting excitingly “Ice cream, Ice cream.” Now she is really small and our pediatrician told me to give her anything fatting she wants, but Im not about to start feeding her ice cream at 630 am. So I got out the pancakes and closed the door. She melted down completely. Overtired + being told no = lots of crying.

I took her back into the kitchen so that she was as far from everyone’s bedrooms and tried to distract her with all kinds of things. She wasn’t having any of it. For a small thing, she sure can stick to her guns 🙂 Finally the only thing that snapped her out her crying snotty mess was sitting her on the edge of the counter. Which was in fact, still full of things from the previous nights party. I gave her a bowl of syrup and showed her how to dip her pancake into the syrup. She stopped crying immediately and started dipping. She made a huge mess. Sticky fingers and pajamas and the counter too. After a while she noticed the container of left over veggies and dip and started dipping her pancake into the ranch dressing too. I didn’t stop her. I just got out my camera and took lots of pictures. 5 minutes of Norah in her cute Christmas pjs (and for those of you who are going to ask where they are from it’s here.)

I love doing these little 5 minutes projects where I capture my kids for 5 minutes totally inspired by this awesome blog here.