Apparently the whole time we were off galavanting in France (it’s still crazy to me that we even DID it and writing that sentence is crazy to me and so awesome) that it was lovely weather here at home. I love it when Fall holds on to the last lovely warm days with the cool nights and crisp mornings. The pretty colors in the trees but still warm enough to be outside and enjoy it. My favorite time of year actually. Well it was warm the first few days we got home too and we decided to make use of it and go strawberry picking. I had heard of Broxburn Farm before but never actually made it there. And now that I’ve gone, I’ll be back! I loved it. They have a U-pick patch (that is HUGE) of strawberries and raspberries (we got some of both) and then a little fresh vegetable store (totally got some fanatic looking carrots, bibb lettuce, an eggplant, a few HUGE tomatoes and some green beans) and then a cafe that uses the fresh veggies and fruit they grow. All local. I love that kind of stuff. Really one of the things I loved the most about the food in France is that exact thing. The emphasis on fresh and local and good ingredients. That makes a difference in your food! Anyways, I am off on a different tangent, so back to the strawberry picking and the cute littles wandering up and down the rows.



Really these two helped for a bit and then petered out but they had fun running up and down the rows too. We will be back for sure. Perhaps next week if the weather is still good. ūüėČ