I forgot about posting these pictures and just found them a couple days ago. So here they are. Norah with a yogurt. She’s really into feeding herself and it makes a HUGE mess. Most of the time she would rather not eat than let me help her. She wants to do anything that her older siblings do, especially Oliver. And because she is so much smaller than them that if often just not possible. But I try and let her try. I don’t want to squash her desire to be independent.


I could have stepped in and forced Norah to let me feed her. It would have been filled with tears and frustration. She wants independence and the freedom to do it how she wants too. This is a relatively easy mess to clean up in the end.


I’ve been thinking about the choices people make with their lives and how sometimes when they chose to do things there own way it makes a mess in their lives.  One of my favorite quotes is from Presdient Thomas S. Monson: “Each of us has the responsibility to choose. You may ask, Are decisions really that important? I say to you, decisions determine destiny. You can’t make eternal decisions without eternal consequences.”


We have to let them make their own choices. The older my kids get the more I realize how less and less control I actually have over them. I can teach them and encourage them and try and show them through example and word the way to go. But they are each going to have to make their own path. Hopefully it will be a path that leads the right way. I am sure they will each make some messes in their lives, just as I have done. But eventually they will figure out what is important and true and where they want to be one day.


We just need to be around to help clean up when they ask for help and even encourage them to clean up themselves too.


Norah will make a huge mess for a while probably. But in the end she’ll figure out how to hold the spoon properly and how to aim it into her mouth. And she might even stop rubbing her hands all over everything once they have anything on them and making everything messier.


Until then, I’ll just keep cleaning up the messes and offering help when she’ll let me. RLS_7585

For those of you who will ask, these were all shot with my 50 mm lens at 1/320 at f/2.8 ISO 1000.

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