I try and do a photo shoot with each of my kids near their birthdays. I think it’s a good way to document them and when they are grow up they will have one session of them as they are for each year. The only problem I face with it is Eli. He detest having his picture taken. Like it is downright painful sometimes. All the other kids, so far, eat up the one on one attention. Eli’s birthday came and went and I never did them. I was dreading the fight. I asked once or twice and it ended in almost tears. So I dropped it. But a week or so ago on a Sunday morning we were running ahead of schedule (miracles can happen) and he was looking oh so sharp and so I just asked him. And he went for it. Amazingly enough. So Eli for 5 minutes in our backyard in his Sunday best.


Eli’s taught me lots of things and some of them are about taking pictures of kids that don’t want their picture taken. How to work with it, how to get them to cooperate and when to just let it go.

Just Rhonda

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