Oliver is often not an independent child. In fact, he likes things being done for him. I often think it is because Norah came when he was still pretty little and he wasn’t quite done being the baby of the family. He is more likely to ask to be carried or tucked in or fed or helped onto the chair than Norah. She’s gonna try to do it herself and he’s going to cry that he has to try it. So when he wants to do something for himself, we really try to encourage it. One of the things he loves to do lately on his own is making peanut butter sandwiches. And Norah, being the independent little girl that she is, thinks if Ollie can do it she can do it. Which is how we got here. To this messy, sticky, peanutty, place.

These two together can be so stinking cute. It was really hard how close they were. I can still remember how upset I was that I was even pregnant with Norah. But now, at almost 2 and 3. These two are little friends and it is such a joy to watch their relationship grow. It is absolutely precious.