My Next 5 Pinterest Recipes

5 Pinterest recipes to try

I love finding great recipes on the internet. So many places to find great food. 5 recipes that I REALLY want to try out!

1. Don’t these look SO tasty!!!! Averie Cooks Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars. Yum, Yum. I want to make these soon!!

2. I have a real love of pork. It’s sooo tasty! And this with the cherries and the grilled meat. As soon as the weather is better and it’s BBQ time, I’m totally trying this lovely looking meat from Sweet Pea and Saffron.

3.  Oh man doesn’t that look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes. I’m making this next time a cake is in order.

4.  I made something similar to this not long ago. I didn’t know that this recipe existed but had done something similar with some buns that didn’t quite work out. But these sandwiches look fantastic. And I’ll be trying them soon too.

5. Dumplings. Yes, yes, yes. I want to make these. All kinds of these.

Anything you’ve found that you want to make lately on Pinterest??

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3 thoughts on “My Next 5 Pinterest Recipes

  1. All of those look yummy. I meant to tell you that your scones were delicious! I Am making them for the kids valentines morning! (Going to try and make them into heart shapes)
    I’ve been trying new recipes lately, love trying new things. Eaten some good new soups, and a few good side dishes (that really only I liked) and a dish or two that wouldn’t make again either.
    Have you tried the Orange chicken from your previous post? If so let me know if it was good
    Also if you want I’ll send you recipes that I’ve tried lately…..

  2. They all look good. Do try the sandwiches soon. I was given the recipe a few years ago by a lady in my ward. This is what my family likes best for fast Sunday. Fast. Hot. Delicious.

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