5 on the 5th – December

It’s the 5th of December so I’m linking up with some photog buddies. (totally late but shhhh I’m just pretending it’s on time ;)) 5 (or more….) pictures from me getting Empanadas ready for our dinner club that we had last night and then some from dinner club too. We hosted and the theme I picked was South American. Mostly cause I wanted to make empanadas inspired by our last trip to Arizona and the fabulous ones I had there! Regan took at the ones of me cooking.


Good friends and good food. Perfect night!

Now go on the link up and now go on to see Erin’s pictures….

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2 thoughts on “5 on the 5th – December

  1. these look soooo yummy! great shots! (and it’s ok if you forgot…i do all of the time. or remember the day before and then have to scramble.. ha ha! ) 🙂

  2. Oh my, those look so good! My husband’s grandmother always made pumpkin empanadas on Christmas. I’ve got to learn to make them since she passed a few years ago, I know how much he misses them. You make it look so easy!

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