from RhondaSteed.comLast Friday I talked a little bit about why I want to memory keep. My friend Kristen Duke had a guess post by the fabulous Heather Walker where she talked about how photos increase our happiness. Sometimes the idea of memory keeping can seem overwhelming. I hear lots of people talk about being “behind” on their scrapbooking or feeling bad about not writing in their journals for a long time. We all get busy and life moves quickly. And I don’t know about you, but I am SO forgetful!!! I don’t think I am alone. Every time I talk to other moms about when something happened with their kids, it takes time to figure it out. And if you didn’t write it down… good luck!! That is just one of the reasons I think memory keeping is important.

I don’t think that it has to be hard. I think you can use easy strategies to work memory keeping into your life. Here are 5 that I use:

1. Project Life. I have been a long time scrapbooker. And every week I try and share a spread in my 2014 album. It’s a great and quick way to record the memories in our family. I love using mini albums and the baby albums and a regular yearly Project Life album!

2. Blurb Books and other random journals. I have done a few of these. They are not my primary way of memory keeping but we still have some made. We’ve a few different ones. I like to give ones to the grandparents for christmas and get one printed for us too. These are a few of the ones we’ve gotten printed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 8.12.48 AM

3. Using Facebook to write down funny things your kids say. It’s easy and quick and other people get to enjoy it too! And you now have a written down copy of those little things you will forget.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.30.11 AM

4. Apps on your Phone. There are some great Apps you can use now for your phone where you can keep both photos and journalling. And since most people have their phones with them most of the time, you can easily add in a memory here and there. I’ve used Momento, Wunderlust, Twitter and  Collect. Momento is a great little app where you can write down little moments on a calendar and record when they happened. You can add pictures and tags so that you can search for them later. Collect is similar only with collect you can have them printed with Persnickety Prints and have them printed to fit right into your Project Life Album. How cool is that?! Wunderlist is a list making app that you can certainly add lists of memories too. It can use iCloud and so you can coordinate with all your mobile devices and your computer. Of course you could use Twitter to write down funny things your kid say.


5. Photo Projects. I try to do lots of them. 15 on the 15th. 5 on the 5th and other photo link ups with friends. 5 Minutes. Our Year in Photos. Family Photos once a month. Do I keep up on all of them? NO! But some of them I am consistent on. And some of them I do here and there. But when you add them all up you get a whole lot of pictures taken of everyday things of our family. And I get these types of moments captured, memories in our lives. RLS_2892                              RLS_2226RLS_8354RLS_8012RLS_3339RLS_2080                                                                                   RLS_1749DSC_4956DSC_4784DSC_4855DSC_3656DSC_3495                             DSC_3160DSC_1957DSC_0001DSC_0314DSC_9449DSC_5834IMG_1452DSC_0745DSC_8467                                     DSC_9078DSC_8589DSC_8446

So many memories and more than these have been captured with using my camera. I think it’s important too that you can start capturing your family no matter your level of photography! Just start taking pictures of your life and your kids.

Do you use any strategies to record your family memories? What works for you?


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