Well it looks like this is my 500th post.
And for this week I’ve got some fun things planned.
Two giveaways.
I was going to have one done for tomorrow but Regan was finally home after being gone a bit and well it was good to just spend time with him and the kiddos.
instead I was going to do a look back.
Are ya pumped?

My very first post here was written on Tuesday, November 15, 2005. That’s a long time ago eh???

I like blogging for a few reasons.
1. I like documenting what is happening in our lives. Like the funny things my kids say or do. (like this and this) or my photography (like my first wedding I did here)

2. I like the contact with other people. On those days when I haven’t really talked to another adult (we’ve had a few the past two weeks) it’s an outlet to PEOPLE. (hello out there!!! I’m waving, you just can’t see it)

3. I like the contact with friends that I don’t get to see but still miss (like the majority of my list down the side. And meeting new friends (like Kristin)

4. And I think it’s fun to get some feedback on things. Like recipes or photos or whatever.

Some of my very favorite posts I’ve done. For different reasons:
Grief is like a Wave
Our Getting together
3X Photography

So tomorrow I’ll be showing you a tutorial on something to make that I am giving away. Two hints about it.
1. It is blue and ruffly.
2. It’s big enough to fit me.
To get a chance to win it you have to be a follower or blog about it or comment on tommorrow’s post.

So tell me how long you’ve been reading my blog, if you don’t mind, AND if you have a post (or type of post) that you really enjoy.

Happy 500!
And to end it off two of my favorite pictures from this wedding I just posted in my photo blog.