(or as positive Reg would say I’m working to improve upon)
Someone wanted a list of things I’m bad at. 🙂
So here you go.

1. Returning books to the library on time. Let’s just say that I just paid off all the family library cards and it was more than $100 and less than $300. Ouch. Thank goodness for our recent tax return. (I’m helping the library. I’m helping the library. I’m helping the library. I’m helping the library. I’m helping the library)

2. Patience. Really. I am not that patient some days. Too little sleep equals crabby mommy. I wish I could just fake it and just be happy. But I have never ever been good at that. People usually can tell how I feel quite easily. Also something I wish I could change.

3. Keeping up with the laundry. I really just need to learn to do at least one load a day. Not just wash it – but actually wash it and dry it and fold it and put it away. While I should be doing laundry, I am crafting something instead.

4. Playing with my kids. I am really not one of those mom’s who will lay on the floor and play cars. Or pretend play house. That’s not me. I actually used to be racked with guilt on the whole thing – but I’ve talked to my mom a LOT about it. And she was never like that either. She always says that’s why she had multiple kids. To play with each other. 🙂

5. Guilt. I have a good friend who once told me she didn’t understand motherhood guilt. I am racked with it. Should I be doing that, should I have done that, and on and on. It is a terrible thing that I have tried to change. Just let it be. I am constantly reading parenting books and talking to my mom about it.

6. Often I feel like fitting in. When I was a kid I didn’t fit in. I got teased. And I still remember coming home from school crying. I am constantly worried about what other people think of me. It’s a terrible way to live. But it is how I live. Worried about how to fit in better with my SILs, with the women in my ward, etc. I have been placed in many situations where I am the one saying I don’t want my kids to do that. Or that isn’t okay and I’ve never wanted to stand out. I just want to be me and be okay with that and not worry about what others think of it.

I’ve got lots more but I like to keep the ol’ blog a bit more positive. 🙂
Besides, who likes to see others’ dirty laundry? Not me!
And speaking of cleaning supplies…..
here’s a picture from my photo class for last weeks assignment. (something that was translucent.)