Seven People Twelve Times February

Last month I showed you a little project I am doing for my family where I take a picture of us all every month. This is last months. And here is this months. My LCD monitor on my camera isn’t working… so I had no idea if we were all looking or if for instance my 10 year old was making a silly face…. and after two shots Eli wouldn’t participate anymore. So this is the best we got. I’ll take it! All of us at Dad’s office weighing Norah for her 1 month.


Highlights from February: (And lowlights…)

  • Alden’s grade 4 play
  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • Great Grandma’s 90th birthday party
  • Making perogis with grandma and great grandma
  • Working on Project Life for last year (almost done!)
  • All the food others have brought to us!
  • Dad working 9 straight days with 6 of them on call
  • Celebrating Family Day
  • Seeing Susie and Ryan and the girls
  • Playdates with James for Eli
  • A traumatic trip to the store for mom and the three littles
  • Surviving my First Sunday with 5 kids and Dad on call
  • A few warm days where the kids could play outside
  • Surviving Oliver and Eli both getting sick – twice
  • Older three kids and Dad doing the Chilly Willy Run
  • A week off school for the kids
  • Lucy starting reading the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Norah reaching 1 month
  • February 28, 2013 - 9:46 am

    Susie - so glad we were a highlight and that we got to see you all too. Its good you’re hanging in there, I guess you got no choice though. I bet youre thrilled to make trips to the clinic, I think it’ll grow on ya, just send the kids with Reg and I think sometimes after a long Sunday its a decent outing before bed.

  • February 28, 2013 - 10:13 am

    Kaylee - this is darling cute no lcd or not. you need that fixed;)