Seven People Twelve Times March

I am doing a project where each month I capture our family doing something or being somewhere together. You can see my past months here. This is March. All of us at the Raymond Public Library. We are big users of the library. And I like to think supporters (I tell myself my late fees help the library buy books to make myself feel better about it…..) Norah is kind of hiding in this shot, but here we all are.

Highlights & Lowlights of March:

  • Hosting a girls night at my house and attending a different one in Lethbridge
  • Dad & the kids taking a day trip to Waterton
  • A couple Date nights for mom and dad
  • A huge blizzard
  • Quite a few visits out to Hillspring
  • Visiting with Jenn & the boys down from Edmonton
  • Dad being able to run outside and not freeze
  • Parent Teacher interviews (aka student led conferences)
  • Shoe shopping with just Alden and Mom and Norah
  • Attending the Marvin Goldstein concert
  • Dad taking Alden and Lucy to see the play Big River
  • Norah’s baby blessing & a family dinner after
  • Going to dinner at the Bly’s in Lethbridge
  • Great to be 8 for Lucy
  • Eli trying to “back the van” out of the garage to get his bike out
  • 2 months old for Norah and 18 months for Oliver
  • Mom ripping off her toenail
  • Getting a package from Aunt Ilo & Uncle Wayne for Norah
  • Costco trip with Lindsay & Sage & Eli’s hearing test
  • Coloring eggs & rolling then with the Bevans family





2 thoughts on “Seven People Twelve Times March

  1. This is such a great idea. You will be so happy you’re doing this in the years to come. Seems like a rare thing to have family photos when it’s not Christmas.
    I love it.

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